About N.M.G.

My name is Nicole Marie Guiniling–and if you’re wondering how to pronounce my last name, start here.

I’m a couple of things. I’m the owner of As Astra Comix, a small micro-publisher and company devoted to political and historical comics. I review, research and write comics–and offer my help with like-minded folks looking to create. I live with my husband and a small, goblin-like creature in Toronto.

My husband, Jules, is a U.S. War Resister–if you want to understand what that is, click here.

Together, we are involved in a project called Front Lines International – a project that seeks to unite “Occupier” and “Occupied” against war.

All this aside, my ongoing creative project is a comic series called INHERITANCE, which has yet to fully come out of my brain. The crux of the project is that it seeks to American people with their long-lost history–that is, all of the Americas.

There’s a lot to all of this, so follow along, thanks for reading, and please stay in touch.



3 thoughts on “About N.M.G.

  1. I see you have modified and added things to your site since the last time I was here. That is really cool. 🙂 Anyway, I hope you are doing well and I’m sure I will speak with you soon at some point. Take care.

    — Matthew

  2. Heads up: you might want to change the link to your company. It links to the https version which results in a browser warning: “This Connection is Untrusted”

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